Thrawn – Heir to the Empire

Thrawn shot first!

So, I recently finished the audio version of the book “Thawn – Heir to the Empire”.
While I really enjoyed it and can not wait to hear part two of this trilogy, there were two things that really irked me:


Throughout the course of the book, our heroes get ambushed a whopping five times!
This has two effects on the story: It demonstrate that Thrawn is a clever strategist, always one step ahead of the protagonists. On the other hand, it makes Han and his friends look like bumbling fools.
They survive by mere chance and luck (the force I guess) and even the villains ultimate plan is only thwarted by accident.

Thrawn, master of deduction

The second part that annoyed me was the scene where Thrawn deduces information about the crew of two ships and their destination.
It would have been fine if he deduced who is aboard which ship. but no, he also reasons that Leia will go to (spoiler), a decision that has not come easily to our heroes themselves. Thousands of planets they could go to, but Thrawn obviously guesses correctly .. and sends an ambush team.

Thrawn shot first!

Other than that, the story was great, it established the characters of Karrde, Mara and Thrawn very well, which is not an easy task, as they have to share the book with a cast of characters the audience has known for three films.
The ending is a great setup for the next part, which will be my audible subscription for the month.
I´m looking forward to the next part already, and I´m intrigued  about Grand Admiral Thrawn being (re-)introduced into the official canon!


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